Isobela is an inspiring young amateur artist, from Oskaloosa KS. She first became interested in art when her father sat her down at the dinning room table to draw her first sketch. It was that first sketch would lead to a fascination with art, by the time she graduated from high school. Izzy had entered and displayed her art in League Art Fairs and several non-for profit contest. Upon graduating Izzy lost much of her interest in art along with much of her identity as a person, as well as gender.


In 2007 Izzy started pursuing a degree in Health Education at Emporia State University, thinking the degree would be more rewarding in the real world. After college and spending eight years in the work force, everything for her, turned upside down. Where things seem dim, and the future bleak. She holds her head high, while keeping her dreams close by.


Isobela now re-enters the art world as an amateur artist, striving to inspire people with her, mix media art. Iz now lives in Minneapolis, MN where she sells here stickers and prints on her website Kenspeckle.


 Izzy specializes in ink-pen and watercolor, combining them to create a pizazz. A reflection of her dreary past where she once saw black and white. She now sees an explosion of color.  

/ˈken spek(ə)l/ adj. Scottish 

It's another word for conspicuous; means to attract attention or that it's obvious to the eye or mind

Kenspeckle has its own Tartan called

"Ocean's of Fire" 


It consist of following color threads Beetroot, Pumpkin, Neptune, Inkwell, Topiary, and Verdigris

Kenspeckle has three mischievous mascots

Wahl, Loche, and Anyz

All three are Non-Binary and use the pronouns They/Them. Please respect them.

Each one is represents the three sexes:

Intersex, AFAB, and AMAB

You will never know which is which, sorry its their choice not to identify their sex.

They are Will-O-Wisp, a sprite that live over bogs, swamps, marches, and lochs. Said to lead travelers astray.

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